Full Service Medical Education.

A team of experienced professionals who have seen and done it all.

A Global Network.

With team members all over the globe, we are wherever you need us to be.

Activity + Chaos ≠ Value.

Step away from big agency craziness and enjoy the efficiency of our simplified model.


We don’t like to just push the envelope - we’ll make it into a really cool paper airplane.

Regulatory and Compliance.

With hundreds of years of cumulative experience in Pharmaceuticals,
we get it.

What Makes Us Different


Our highly-experienced, certified meeting professionals “sweat the small stuff” so our clients don’t have to.


Open, often, and client-centered dialogue is the cornerstone of our business.


When we encounter what we cannot plan for, we calmly find a way.


With careful planning, communication, and a keen understanding of the industry, we knock it out of the park every time.



Providing superior service to clients around the world with all aspects of medical meetings, including but not limited to: strategy, content, KOL relationship management, meeting planning and facilitation, documentation and communication of KOL recommendations, aggregate spend reporting.


Designing and delivering the highest quality slide presentations for use in medical-to-medical communications that leverage the inimitable talents of our Scientific Writers, Brand and Medical Strategists, Editorial and PowerPoint Experts.


Expanding the reach of educational content to a global audience of healthcare professionals through numerous and innovative channels, including print, video, digital, and web-based communication.

"It's as if you're waiting by the phone for my call. I have to tell you, I am really impressed with your organization!"
Global Medical Director

Meet The Team

Mary Ellen Hegarty


After more than 10 successful years working at a major pharmaceutical company, Mary Ellen found her niche in Medical Education. She brings a seasoned and strategic approach to every project, and strives to innovate health marketing with technology, graphic solutions, and fresh ideas.

Cindy Stechmann

Vice President of Program Development

Cindy has supported numerous clients in the flawless planning and execution of key medical education initiatives for more than 15 years. Clients regularly comment on how refreshing it is to work with someone who is literally 10 steps ahead of them… all of the time.

Gudrun Hibberd

Vice President of Program Development

Gudrun has been involved with medical education program development for more than 15 years and leverages her proactive, “no excuses” attitude on a daily basis to get the job done on time and on budget.

Pamela Ringstrom

Vice President of Strategy

Pamela has worked in healthcare communications for nearly 10 years with experience spanning both the advertising and medical education fields. She excels at scientific and strategic development for a host of biopharmaceutical companies around the world.

Kara Nyberg

Senior Scientific Director

Kara has created scientific content for Medical Affairs and Marketing Departments at major pharmaceutical companies for over 10 years. She possesses a unique ability to translate data into communication initiatives that support the client’s overall strategy.

Silvia Valentini

Director of Global Programs

With more than 10 years of experience in global meeting planning and program development, Silvia has a deep appreciation for the cultural nuances that impact a project’s success. She is the queen of contingency plans, and always ensures there are several options available.

Aubrie Ford

Director of Research and Communications

As Global HMC’s resident “twenty-something,” Aubrie is skilled at managing numerous projects simultaneously and demonstrates her mastery of effective multitasking on a daily basis. She regularly brings new and fresh ideas, including valuable technologies, to bear for our clients.

Cathy Smith

Powerpoint Specialist

With an artist’s eye, unparalleled PowerPoint® skills, and an impressive understanding of medical terminology, Cathy bears a unique talent to create compelling slides kits used for audiences around the globe.

"I just had the chance to review the updated slide deck - really, really impressive! The content is excellent and the quality of the slides is tremendous!"
Global Brand Manager

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